1688.com is one of the biggest multipurpose E-commerce website today which is the sub-parent of Alibaba.com.

1688.com is a China own multipurpose E-commerce website which is the Chinese version of the English E-commerce website known as Alibaba.com.

Buying from 1688.com, be rest assured that you can import cheap goods from China to Nigeria compare of buying them the market price.

Before I proceed, I’ll be talking few things you should know about 1688.com before buying any products.

Benefit Of Buying Any Products From 1688.com

They are lot of benefit that you could gain when buying goods / products from 1688 and here are the few list.

√ You can buy any products from 0 to 1000 grant as their MOQ

What’s MOQ In Importation And Exportation Business

In a short note, the meaning of MOQ of goods simply mean the mode of quantity of goods are you importing and exporting in and out.

√ You can buy any products at cheap rate / price

√ You can find almost all kinds of products you’ve been seeing around you

√ Sizes, Color and other products attribute can be gotten from there.

Disadvantages Of Buying Products From 1688.com

Not every 1688.com sourcing agents or procurement and logistic company like Nicargo.com will ever tell you the disadvantages of buying any products from 1688.com but trust and loyalty matters in business.

x You can find same products be it color, sizes that you want to buy at different prices

x Some of the products are not 100% quality but note that manufacturers are different which simply mean, the same repeated product that you see according to the above one, may have qualities depending on the manufacturer.

Notices : Nicargo.com will be introducing the act of quality check of products from 1688.com, Taobao.com and Alibaba.com as from 2021 ( No specific date yet as we will be working on it from January )

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x Not all transactions are safe that’s why you need Nicargo.com to do all the stress for you.

That’s all we could gather but if there’s any other advantages and disadvantages of buying products from 1688.com that we didn’t include, please do drop it as a comment and we will keep updating this post because our goal is to satisfy you with our services.

How To Buy Products From 1688.com

We are here to help you get this done and not to let you stress yourself, so here is how to buy any products from 1688.com and ship from china to nigeria.

Firstly, visit 1688.com official website either on desktop browser or phone but you’re recommended to use any of the browsing apps in other to translate 1688.com to English;

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When using your mobile phone to browse on 1688.com, the top 2 best app to translate Chinese to English is Chrome and Yandex browser and you’ll be able to translate 1688 to English

After getting the product that you want to buy from 1688, you’ll need to copy out the link and paste it on your new order HERE then we will process the rest.