Auto spare part business is one of a well known possible lucrative business in nigeria which are popular seen under the operation the Igbo Men and women especially at a well known location “Ladipo”.

Starting an auto spare part business in nigeria takes a lot guts, stress, risk but here, we are going to show you how to get started, how to get the best supplier, seller or manufacturer with quality auto part tools and materials to import from to nigeria.

In the year 1940s, from the desk of Chief Ojukwu, a self made billionaire who was into this auto spare part business was known as a successful auto spare part business man, a lot of people which you can mostly found in likes of the igbo men and women delved into this successful business idea but likely beyond notice, not everyone knows about the con and pros of becoming an auto spare part dealer.

Basic Steps To Becoming An Auto Spare Part Dealer In Nigeria

1: Get The Knowledge: Its obvious that everybody want to successful in all they do but not everyone fully knows the foundation or the root to be successful on that specific business but meanwhile for one to be a successful auto spare part dealer in nigeria, you must learn the tactics, one can’t get up one day and start deeping his or her hands on what he or she did not practice even if they say only God is perfect, but remember that practice makes 70% perfect. The beginner steps to start a business is to carry out a research on how possible the business can grow in your environment, how possible you can grow the business mentally, physically. This business really needs time and patient in terms of importing your goods, knowing the type of trending and good spare part to buy and sell. Furthermore, talking to an experienced and successful auto spare part dealers around you or outside in the business also helps you know how to start yours, ways to boost profit and so on. You can find these dealers online or at popular auto spare parts markets in your city especially at Ladipo in Lagos state as they are over 50% successful of them which you can find.

2: Pick A Brand / Niche: Every Business has it own niche or sub category under the parent category, before you start this business, you must need to pick a particular brand to focus on until you see how big and growing your business is before moving into a multichannel auto spare part dealer in nigeria. An explanation, if for an instance you love and know about the Volkswagen all part, you should really focus on that aspect till you channel out another.

3: Get An Expose Location: Places like lagos where both the commercial and private cars or auto are found should be an example of the type of location for you to pick.

4: Publicizing / Marketing: Every successful business uses this methods to reach out to their customers, you can expose your spare part business location getting it seen at the online directories, upload your contact and it address on it and also get your business advertise on social media, using word of mouth and erecting signposts. Ensure you include the car brands you deal on, along with information on where your store is. You ccan as well join the auto spare parts dealers association in your vicinity. They always support each other through recommendations, loans and much more. Keep in mind that the first few months might not be an easy walk in the park, but you’ll definitely find your footing in the auto spare parts business in no time.

Basic Requirements For Starting An Auto Spare Parts Business In Nigeria

1: Fund/Capital: Apart from getting a store, warehouse etc, you can start an auto spare part business from N300,000, N500,000 or N1,000,000 depending on the quantity of goods which you are buying from your supplier.

2: Ware House/ Shop: Like we mentioned above, business location matters alot and improves the exposure of business kind, so you’ll need to get either a warehouse, store or even rent a small shop for a start till you grow big.

3: A Budget For Marketing: We’ve talked about growing your car spare part business by marketing them online and offline. get an account on social media pages etc, go viral by running a convertible ads on them and make sure you add your business on google business search and other online directories.

4: You Need Us: YES, you need us because we are a shipping company, we pay suppliers, we buy and ship goods from china, turkey to nigeria and ghana and we can be your plug in importing any kind of auto spare part tools and material from China, Turkey to Nigeria and Ghana. Aside that, we can also check the quality of your auto spare part goods and so on. To get started, Register An Account and Place Your Order or Whatsapp Us +2348134263408, If you need us to source and procure all kinds of Auto Spare Part Tools And Material, please do let us know..