How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob | Easy Guide[2021]


How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob

Are you looking for how to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob? Then, we can show you how in a few easy steps. This content contains an extended breakdown of how to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob. 

If your Nissan’s key fob dies, can you still start it? Absolutely! Read our tutorial on how to change a Nissan key fob battery to learn all about the steps required for a quick and easy Nissan key fob replacement right now.

Until remote key fobs fail, they’re amazing. You might not be able to get into the automobile if this happens. Once inside, a dead START button may prevent you from starting the car.

How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob

Do you want to know how to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob? You’ll need to get inside your automobile before you can go out looking for replacement parts. There’s no need to fear being stranded in Danville if your Nissan key fob fails because it includes a backup key inside. Take your crucial fob and follow these instructions:

  • Open the fob by locating a notch: This is the most challenging aspect because the crack may not be visible. There is a slight gap at the top of some devices, but you may need to inspect the connection point where the emergency key slips out on others.
  • To open it, use the screwdriver: Wedge the flat-tipped screwdriver into the slot to open it. The entire device should split down the middle, revealing a circular battery inside.
  • Recognize battery type: Examine the inside of the battery for marks that will indicate the battery’s model. Purchase a similar battery that is fresh new.
  • Remove the old battery and replace it with a new one: If you use your finger for popping out the old battery, it should come out quickly. The new battery replaces the old one with ease.
  • Close the fob with a snap: Close the critical fob now that you’ve got a new key in place. When you squeeze it, it should snap back into place. You may need to replace the battery every five years or so, depending on the quality of the new battery you buy, how often you drive, and whether the battery is a proximity key that drains faster.

If your key fob is disabled or you’ve locked your keys inside, many manufacturers offer remote door unlock services that can let you inside the car. 

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Video Tutorial

How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob: Complete video tutorial


Even if your automobile doesn’t have a sophisticated remote unlocking mechanism, roadside assistance can help you get in. But, of course, all of these services demand that you have already set them up and, in most cases, a PIN. This concludes this section on how to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob; let’s move on to other topics. 

When does the essential fob battery need replacing?

A key fob is no exception to the modern car’s electrical overload. It features an electrical chip inside that acts as a transmitter, transmitting the signal when the door is opened. 

A single battery powers the key fob. An intelligent key fob’s battery may last 2-3 years, while a standard key fob’s battery may last 4-6 years. The key fob is equipped with a battery and a door key. 

The key fob includes a battery and a door key. Because the intelligent key fob also has a receiver, it must connect with the automobile more frequently when it is inside or near the car. An essential fob battery is not rechargeable in most cars. Therefore it must be replaced when it loses its charge.

What are the signs of a weak fob battery?

When is the best time to discover how to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob? The transmitter’s range decreases as the fob battery gets weaker. This means that for the fob to work, you must be closer to the vehicle. If the fob battery is low, a car with a push-button start may not always detect an intelligent key fob in your pocket or purse. In addition, a warning message “key fob battery low” may appear on the driver’s display in some cars.

How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob
How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob

Will the car start if the fob battery is weak?

We have shown you how to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob. However, Will the car start if the fob battery is weak? The security chip inside the fob works without a battery in most cars, but only within a concise range. So even if the fob’s battery is dead, it should still be able to start the vehicle. 

You may need to place the intelligent fob closer to the “Start” button or insert it into a particular slot to start the engine. Directions can be found in your owner’s handbook. A standard mechanical key might also be kept inside the fob. If the fob battery dies or the car’s main battery is drained, this key can access the driver’s door.

How can you check the fob battery? 

Now that you know how to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob. Let’s check out how to check the battery. When you press any of the fob buttons, a small LED light on the key fob illuminates. If the LED light does not shine, the fob battery is either dead or has another issue. You can use a voltmeter to check the voltage of the fob battery if it’s already out. 

On the battery, the voltage is marked. It’s a weak battery if it shows less than 3 Volts when it’s supposed to be a 3-Volt battery. A key fob uses what kind of battery? Batteries are used in a variety of ways depending on the vehicle. CR2025 and CR2032 3-Volt batteries are the most common types. The owner’s manual will tell you what type it is. This type of battery can be purchased from any electronics store or dealership.

How to Start a Car with a Dead Key Fob

It’s pretty simple to start the car once you’re inside. Automakers understand that your keyless ignition may need to function if the fob dies, and the system has been engineered to perform even with a non-functioning remote. Some cars feature a way to start the car manually, and others have a backup built into the key fob that works without a key.

How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob
How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob

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How do I reset my Key Fob after replacing my battery?

After discovering how to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob, let’s go through the process of resetting your fob key.

You’ll need to get a new replacement battery once you’ve determined that your key fob’s problem is due to a dead or weak battery. However, because most key fobs do not function properly once the battery is replaced, the methods below will quickly show you how to reset your key fob.

It’s worth noting that different vehicle brands have other methods for quickly resetting their key fobs. However, the procedure you’ll learn about here is considered the most generic and straightforward way, and it works for almost all vehicle brands.

  • Get inside your vehicle and close all doors after replacing the battery. Because leaving your doors, open may cause the critical fob’s reset process to be disrupted.
  • Turn on your car’s electrical system without starting the engine once you’re comfortably situated in the vehicle, and all doors are closed. Note: If your machine isn’t operating, make sure the ignition isn’t set to radio mode.
  • The third step is to press and hold the lock button on the key fob while your vehicle key is in place and the engine is in ignition mode, then turn the vehicle key off. Rep the previous steps three to four times more, finishing with the ignition key in the on position.
  • A lock sound should be heard. You’ve entered the programming mode for the vehicle’s key fob if you hear the lock sound. 
  • After you’ve heard this sound and confirmed that the key is in programming mode, push the fob’s lock button for five seconds again. All of the necessary data will be saved, and the programming will be completed successfully.
  • If you need to program more remotes at this time, click the lock button on the key fob during the next 10 seconds after noticing that you have entered the programming mode for the key fob.
  • Turn off the ignition system to complete the programming process after you’ve completed all of the necessary procedures to reset your key fob.
  • You should be outside the vehicle at this point, with all of the doors shut. To make sure the key fobs you just reconfigured are working, test all of the unlock and lock buttons on them. Ensure that all of the relevant controls are working correctly and that there are no lags or problems.

How to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob: Conclusion

This wraps up our journey on how to Change the Battery in a Nissan Key Fob. If you are not inclined mechanically, visit the dealer, and change the fob battery. Usually, it only takes a couple of minutes long. We checked several dealers and had a price of $10. If only the fob is replaced, a key fob does not need programming. We hope this content on changing the battery in a Nissan Key Fob has been of help. 


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