It is obvious that not everyone of us knows and understand the ways of doing this importation business and becoming successful as an importer or dropshipper. We have been discussing a lot on our News Board and today, lets learn on how to start and run a successful pre-order group for mini importation.

This is just a 3 Minutes read content so as we won’t waist your time but this is also what one will charge you in order to learn the processes and because we love all our customers, we’ve been sharing an helpful tips and ideas on all our platforms. Meanwhile, below are what we need to know in other to grow an idle pre-order group and to make it successful.

What Is A Pre-order In Mini Importation / Dropshipping Business

From the definition of Wikipedia

A pre-order is an order placed for an item that has not yet been released. The idea for pre-orders came because people found it hard to get popular items in stores because of their popularity.

As someone starting to dive in to doing the pre-order business, you must know that it consumes time, it’s stress and also consume data subscriptions because you need to keep sourcing for popular and trending products which is very stressed that’s why we created a whatsapp premium group where we helped all our customers with popular products, learn things like generating sales etc Contact Us to join our premium whatsapp group +2348134263408 for just ₦1000 weekly.

Create A Group

Every business started from scratch unless you inherited the business from your relatives or parents so there is no alarm of doubting if yours will grow or not but on this content, we will guide you on how to go about it. Firstly, create a group on facebook or whatsapp (we are using whatsapp as an example), don’t add anybody yet. Then secondly, source for a very good and eco friendly popular products on any of the merchant selling website like Alibaba,,, pinduoduo, Dhgate, etc.

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Gotten your well performed source products? now head over to step 2.

Get The Right Bodies To Join And Patronized You

Let’s assumed that you’re starting the pre-order group business as a newbies or beginner, knowing fully that you got zero customers on your group list, now what you need to do is to source for them and make them you ‘Yeah, i mean you’.

How To Generate Interested Customers: Its an easy steps to generate customers who will join your pre-order group, all you need to do is spend money and get more money which is the 100% key to success, “Run ads about your preorder group of your sourced products” and watch how powerful your group will be.

How To Make Your Pre-order Group A Successful Business

This part is mainly for you and you must take note about this unless you don’t mind getting a negative reviews and keep refunding your customers back their money.

    1: How can I order goods from China to Nigeria?: Before proceeding, you must make sure that you already find a trusted chinese agents, 1688 agents, alibaba agents, pinduoduo agents, taobao agents etc, who can help you buy and pay your suppliers unless if you can do that yourself but if not, always use for all your procurement and shipping of goods so as to be on the safe side.
    2: How much does it cost to ship from China to Nigeria?: Before giving out the quotation of the products to your preorder group, you must make sure that you know the price of the goods, the shipping rate of shipping goods from china to nigeria and also how much will you gain from all the stress.
    3: How many days does it take to ship goods from China to Nigeria?: Yes, you must also know about this and also give your pre-order groups a small margin of goods arrival separately from the one we gave you in order not to disappoint your customers due to delay of goods arrival which may be caused by one reason to another especially, flight delayed reason. Please CLICK HERE to know our shipping rate for both air and sea cargo.
    4: Always update your groups and be friendly to them, don’t be harsh to them.

Conclusion: Here are the easiest ways to run a profitable and successful pre-order group in 2021 / 2022. Please if there’s any question, kindly drop them on the comment section and don’t forget to contact us +2348134263408 for any inquiry.