They are many used and unused goods that one can buy and import from outside Nigeria and these goods are sometimes cheaper than we think. In so many cases, we have talked much more about mini importation business in Nigeria and how beneficial it is for one to dive in to this lucrative and profitable business in Nigeria.

Without too much addo, let’s get to know how to buy used and unused goods from usa to Nigeria with some this well known USA e-commerce merchant selling websites.

How To Buy And Ship Products From Offerup To Nigeria

Offerup is a USA base online vendor store where one from the selected countries can buy cheap products like phones, clothes, cars, laptops, jewelry, Tv set and so on and they are likely to be cheap because most of them are used and unused, unboxed products or goods.
As a Nigeria, it’s possible to visit and purchase an item from offerup unless you follow the normal procedure below which are:

1: First of all, you will need a vpn in other to access and browse or surf offerup while in Nigeria and below are examples of vpn to use:

Top 5 Free VPN Apps And Browser To Use In Visiting Offerup While In Nigeria Or Non Accessible / Selected Countries

a. Puffin Browser
b. Phonix Browser with Vpn
c. Windscrib Android or Firefox Addon Extension
d. Hide My Ass Vpn
e. Opera Mini Browser With Vpn

I will be using Windscrib VPN as an example on this tutorial because they also offer free vpn access every month like 2gb plus.

i. Download and install Windscrib VPN browser on you android phone or Desktop for firefox addon extension, therefore, we will be using android phone as our device for an easy understanding.

ii. Now, create and activate an account on windscrib vpn app when you click and open the app, you’ll be giving 2gb free monthly usage.

iii. Tap and connect to any free location and port your ip address pointed to that particular selected offerup countries ip on your windscrib vpn app though you might upgrade to premium option if you want to connect on other country.

iv. Now, leave but don’t log out of the windscrib vpn app.

2. a. Download and install Offerup android app.

b. Now, open the offerup android app (Note that you must be connected to windscrib vpn while seeing a key icon on top of your android phone screen).

c. Register an account on offerup by connecting it with your facebook account.

d. Now, you’ll be able to login and access offerup successful while living in Nigeria despite the restriction from accessing offerup as a Nigerian.

Offerup Trusted And Reliable Agents That Can Help You Pickup And Item And Ship To Nigeria

Hello, we can be your procurement, agent and shipper, we can help you stand as an agent in Offerup, we can help you buy goods in Offerup and we can also help you ship goods bought from Offerup to Nigeria within the time frame. Below is how you can easily buy or purchase an item or products by yourself and allow us ship them for you:

Top 5 Alternatives And How To Buy And Import From The Online Stores