Have you ever wonder how does people start this plain and pattern business in nigeria?
This kind of business is always seen at a rowdy environment in nigeria like the Idumota, Lagos island, Alaba market, Aba Market, Upper iweka – Anambara etc.

As we all know, plain and pattern business in nigeria or african country as a whole is a very lucrative and profitable business in nigeria and other country because almost everyone loves the africa wears.

Samples Of Plain And Pattern Materials

N200 per Yards
N109 per Yards
N150 per Yards
N119 per Yards

Now, i believe the above pictures and videos would have thought you alot on how much lucrative and profitable this plain and pattern business is.

Requirement Needed To Start Plain And Pattern Business In Nigeria

There’s nothing much needed to start up this business but just a few list of it which are:

1: Shop and Location: During the discussion of A-Z Guide On How To Start Auto Spare Part Business In Nigeria – Importation, we explained why getting an expose location for you business, so, same thing and reason are also needed for this business because every expose shops in a good environment especially, a rowdy environment for this business is really recommended.

2: A Budget For This Business: Every startup business needs a budget and you must plan some budget for this to avoid getting an unaccomplished business.

3: Your Time: Yes it requires your time like in terms of calculating profit and loss, sourcing for more cheap suppliers and so on.

4: Social Media Marketing: Every business needs a total visibility and well exposure that’s why for a business to grow, you will need to more audience by targeting them properly on social media ads.

5: A Brand Name: It is not compulsory to get a brand name but for professionalism aspect, a brand name is well notice for a long term period and it will also has it own customized banner, graphics etc on the fabrics.

6: You Need Us: Yes, you really need us because you’ll need a shipping company to help you check the quality of your plain and pattern fabrics, buy and pay the sellers either in china or turkey then ship the goods to nigeria for you, read more to understand why Nicargo.com is needed.

How To Start Plain and Pattern Fabric Business

1: Firstly, we will need to lecture you on what importation is all about and everything about importation business.

2: Secondly, you’ll need to contact us on whatsapp +2348134263408 so as we can share you the links of the manufacturers, sellers or the suppliers but you must state which country (China or Turkey) you need to buy and import the fabrics / Ankara from.

Remember that we can help you check the quality of the fabrics at the rate of 50 RMB per kg during shipping of yiour goods.

3: You can get plain and pattern fabrics / Senator fabrics at the rate of N150 per yards, that simply mean with N5,000 naira, you can buy as many yards of fabrics as you want.

So what are you really waiting for?
Contact Nicargo.com on whatsapp now….