‣ Due to the Covid19 pandemic, please note that the shipping fee, the delivery time might be affected. We are not to be held responsible for any change in price or shipping fee.

‣ Lost items will be fully refunded if it has been insured before shipment. Product(s) not insured will only get 50% refund (When sending your goods to us in China, please make sure that your supplier package your goods properly especially the special goods). Before we issue a refund, proper documents will be required where necessary.

‣ You are required to pick up your goods within 7 days of parcel arrival. Please note that any issue reported after 7 days of parcel arrival will not be honoured.

‣ Damage goods will not be refunded please your supplier should package your goods properly

‣ Goods bought and procure by us has no issue with package.

‣ Quality of the item you are purchasing cannot be guaranteed. We only deliver what we received unless you use our quality check.

‣ During pickup, please cross check your / the parcel in our office before you leave the office. If you noticed any issue, please report it while you are still in our office. Any issue reported after you left the office cannot be accepted.

‣ During pickup, cash payment is not allowed. Please make your payment at least 2 hours ahead before coming for collection to avoid delay in releasing your parcel.

‣ You are required to pick up your goods within 7 days from the day you received a pickup message. After 7 days, our system will start deducting demurrage from your account.

‣ Understand that if you failed to pick your goods, it will be disposed of after one month.

Dated 6th – June – 2021