How to import goods from Turkey to Nigeria as been another focus on mini importation business in nigeria but we ought to know that the process or method of buying and importing goods from china to nigeria is mere different from how to buy and ship goods Turkey to nigeria.

For the past few months, most of the turkey importers in nigeria (e.g like you) has been asking us ( questions like; Top Selling Turkey Marketplace Websites ( Multipurpose E-commerce Online Shopping ). However, we keep saying that they might one found but we are not sure about their process of working especially in which we can’t find a buyer’s protection on the turkey online shopping websites.

The only possible ways for you to be on the safe side is using a trusted turkey buying and shipping agent like We work first hand with the manufacturing companies ( General Merchandise ) as well as the cargo companies in Turkey and guarantee stress-free delivery to Nigeria, below are the process you need to carry at your end.

How To Buy Goods In Turkey From Nigeria Without Traveling To Turkey

It is not necessary that one needs to travel to turkey before he or she can be able to buy large or small quantities of goods in turkey. Here are easiest ways to buy products from turkey and ship to nigeria.

  • 1: You need to get any turkey brand products: The Turkish also has their own brand products and it’s different from the like and looks of other countries own especially, the quality, the view etc. turkish brand products like cloths, shoes, fashion & apparel, kitchen and garden, home improvement, office tools etc.
  • Top 15 Best Turkish Online Shopping E-commerce Websites

    What are we to do when we visit any of the mentioned website here?: Like we said earlier, we haven’t verify if they are trusted and reliable yet but all you need to do is to visit the website, download the products image which you want to buy and ship then CLICK HERE to upload the pictures which you download already, after that, you’ll be notified through email or whatsapp for the quotations but note that WE DON’T SHIP SINGLE UNIT OF GOODS and buying and shipping of goods from turkey to nigeria requires you reached their minimum order of quantity because they are manufacturer and they sells in WHOLESALE PRICE.
      Global Sources Turkey
      Kilimwholesale : Is a nigeria e-commerce website like the type of jumia, konga, Amazon, Yudala etc but products are mainly from China, Turkey, America, Japan and Korea that is why we included them on our list today.

    Please note that most of the website above deals with wholesales of clothes, single order of other products and also wholesales of other products but on our next articles, we will be talking about List of manufacturing companies in Turkey.

  • 2: After visiting the above websites, download the product images which you want to buy then CLICK HERE and wait for our prompt reply.
  • The above steps is how to buy and ship / import from turkey to nigeria.

Most Acceptable Goods To Import From Turkey To Nigeria – Turkey Import Regulations Details

Please note that not all mentioned things you can import from turkey is what we allowed (Some other shipping company may allow you to import them but we don’t accept their importation).

1. Tobacco products (for travelers over 18 years of age): As an importer, you must age over 18years before you’ll be allowed to import any tobacco products like cigarettes or snuff but WE DON’T IMPORT THIS.

2. Alcoholic beverages (for explorers more than 18 years old): As an importer, you must age over 18years before you’ll be allowed to import any alcoholic beverages ranging from 1 liter over 22% volume or 2 liters under 22% volume but WE DON’T IMPORT THIS.

3. Perfumes: the maximum range of importing perfumes or eau-de-cologne is max. 120 ml of perfume or eau-de-cologne, so any quantity exceding this wont be accepted but WE DON’T IMPORT THIS.

4. Coffee and Herbal Tea: as an importer, the import regulations allows you to import 1,5 kg of (instant) coffee and 500 grams of tea but WE DON’T IMPORT THIS.

5. 1 kg of chocolates and 1 kilograms of snacks (candies): Yes, it is also possible to import this but anything food consumption, we don’t literally accept the importation of it.

7. Jewelry, articles made of precious stones or metals and other personal accessories: up to a max. of USD 15,000. – or equivalent. Jewelry exceeding USD 15,000. – must be declared on arrival (We import this categories of goods from turkey to nigeria).

8. medications for personal use: unfortunately, we don accept the importation of drugs unless it is license by the governement.

NB ~ WE DON’T IMPORT THIS simply mean does not accept the importation of such items to nigeria for a reason.

Import Duty On Goods From Turkey

To every expenses made on importation of goods from turkey to nigeria, we will charge for custom clearing depending from what we are charge and moreover, turkish importation business in nigeria is the easiest and cheapest importation business plan one can dive into, you can check the turkey shipping fees in nigeria CLICK HERE.

Final Verdicts: Now you can confidently buy and ship goods from turkey to nigeria easily though as time goes on we will continue updating this post. Moreover, we have also discussed about Importing From China To Nigeria: The Ultimate Guide To Mini Importation Business In Nigeria.